Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The Wood Family

I got the pleasure of getting to do a Day in the Life with the Wood Family. 3 totally ridiculously cute girls, a stunning home, and a momma who loves them to peices....

these sessions always feel so intimate, getting to peek on cuddle time, on play time, on melt down times, I love getting to do them they are treat for me.

Candace was certianly a momma who has so many awesome traits I hope to emulate when I get to be a momma. Thanks Cadace.. more pictures soon to come, but I knew you wanted to see something! Have a great vacation. : )

The beauty of these day in the life sessions, is that I get to witness all different moods, giggly to serious, to pouty, the camera show ceases and what I am left with is who they are. Its amazing to watch. These girls were the ultimate girls, from playing restaurant to baby dolls, to barbies, before I knew it I wanted to be in jelly shoes, and wearing a dress that spun....

If your interested in a day in the life session you can check my website for rates and information.

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