Monday, November 28, 2011

the Cravens

these are our dear friends the cravens
we love them
we love this new baby
and so do they
can't you tell.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I have a little question...

I want to introduce you to Scott + Lara.
Scott is a friend who was hungry for God and a family.
He surrendered that all to the Lord.
In walked Lara.
Man the Lord is good like that.
Not only has he found a beautiful, lovely woman who is passionate about Jesus.
But he got Kingston, this 3 year old sweetheart, who in the matter of an hour stole my heart too.

Today they wanted Christmas pictures.
So we started with that..
But Scott wanted something more.
A lot more.

It was beyond a privilege to capture this.
To be here.
To do this "job" while witnessing, the Lords goodness.
You couldn't help but cry, standing by.
Nick and I were honored to be there.
Congrats Scott + Lara + Kingston.

Friday, November 25, 2011

no whine at the vineyard

This shoot today was a treat.
Kids that were just full of joy.
Seriously not one second of whinning.
Just giggles, and full blown glee.
It made my job so fun.
I have no doubt that its because these two parents pour so much love into each of them.
I could just see it.

Well and the setting, well it was pretty much as dreamy as it gets.
The light was literally bouncing off the leaves of this vineyard.

Photographing families
Totally fills me, and shows me how awesome our heavenly father is.
And look how much we love our children... I can only imagine his love for us.
This is a good good job to have.

I hope your starting off this holiday season, with simple sweet moments.

Some people will say I overshoot sessions.
Or as this dear friend said. Man you fire a lot of frames.
Its moments like this... it pays off..... in abundance.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

staying warm and sweet

This family headed out with me on a cold morning to capture some family images.
We brought some treats  bribes to keep the hubby and kids interested.

The thing I noticed most was how much both Mr + Mrs really lit up around each other.
Love how during the chaos of raising kids, doing life, they still made each other laugh a lot.

oh and then while these two weren't totally cuddled up...
we snuck some of all of them.... gorgeous kids. Seriously Gorgeous.
oh wait, and how did they stay warm your wondering....
well there was some of this... too...

and thats the Z family for you.
Warm + Sweet, oh and happy. Very happy.