Sunday, January 08, 2012

my lovely artists

I love taking photos of new people.
Getting to know them through the lens...
oh but when I know someone like I know these two...
its fun to capture those expressions that I know are SO them. (as only a mama can)

Tonight I decided to be intentional about taking my two out and make art togethor.
It was really sweet, and Im so glad that although I longed for the one of the two of them
faces clean, and smiling. The one you give to grandmas in wallet size.
The one that most of my clients dream of too..

I got these, and I love them more than of all that standard stuff.
I got them... who they really are.

Wild, spunky, freckled, shaggy haired, happy, children.

My two lovelies.

Monday, January 02, 2012

Its a boy

A week ago this family welcomed boy #2 to the mix.
This is a sweet family who Nick and I have been privileged to know.
This was a winner of the Elijah drawing a few months ago.
I was really honored to take these images, images of them doing life, puzzles, books, music, taking a little walk.
They do a really pretty family life, let me tell you.
And the newest addition, well oh my is he ever a charmer.
Thank you Elwers, and Congrats "life just got doubley sweet".