Tuesday, September 22, 2015

full hands : full heart - Canyon Lake family photographer

This sweet family has many little ones and seriously their hearts were so in tune to the needs of their children. It was special to watch.

I was privileged to go spend a weekend family morning capturing these in their own home. Getting a feel for what its like surrounded by so many little hands.

And oh me oh man these are some cute kids.

Saturday, September 05, 2015

A Wayfarers Baptism and one Smiley baby

One of my favorite things is when some of my regular clients invite me into the sacred places of their lives. Births, Baptisms, Weddings. Its awesome to go to these and feel like not only their photographer but a friend. This family is officially my most photographed family over the last 10 years. And its been an honor to watch them grow.
Here we are at the stunning wayfarers chapel in Palos Verdes. For a special baptism. And here was seriously the most smiley baby I have ever seen. Its official as I edited through he loves me, in case you were wondering and from the looks of it everyone adores him!