Monday, December 02, 2013

meeting little ms. carr

 I got to go and see fresh little Emma just days old. She was a sleepy little thing, and brother was a busy almost 2 year old. Life was moving in there beautiful home. I even got to meet a nephew, who was quite a charmer too. Thankful to get to go and capture these for them. Heres a little sneak.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

life is what it is, show it off

You other mamas of little ones know what this is. Its a crazy wild insanely special season of life. Its very seldom everyone is happy at the same time, or everyone not stained, or everyone well you get my point.

The problem is we sucker our self into opening Christmas cards and saying wow.... they have it all together look at those pearly whites matching clothes and there chins tilted just so. Well not really but you know what I mean... 

This session was of one of my closest friends. One who was more a client first and became a friend second... and she herself is a wonderful photographer.

She let me capture what life is, 2 year old dirt throwing, heart melting, silly faces, tickle fests and all. And its beautiful. More beautiful, dare I say... I say embrace the crazy and show who your family really is. And all they will see instead of holiday outfits and pearly whites.. is Love.

Cheesy yes, but true.

As I edited these I was overwhelmed by how much love there is between this crew, and I know it stems from a deep anchor. From raising babies to love Jesus, from kind hearts, generosity. All things there parents model beautifully. Thats what I saw when I looked at these. Im proud to call this family friends.

I still have 3 open spots before the holidays, I have extended it this year, because well, I can. 

Sunday, September 22, 2013

the Bravermans

This family exudes energy.These boys are busy. Busy Busy.
Angela and Heath are so wonderful with them. 
And they are so in love. 
God is so gracious. 
So tonight we trekked out captured these, captured them right now.
Driving to the session I prayed that you would only see His goodness
His graciousness, the way He bound them all together

God is so good. 

Afterwards I sent Angela one image just one  her text sums it up.. 

"I can't stop looking at it, its a weird reality to realize your living your dreams!"

I love this. So much as a mom I relate to this so well.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

a little squish

Caius is 3 months.
My second time to photograph him.
I adore this family.
They adore him. A lot.
So much so I have to sneak my little lens in there between them constantly to get peeks of him.
And isn't he delicious?! I want to munch on his cheeks.

I love seeing this morphing into parents.
And seeing how hardcore they still love each other.
Family is Breathtaking.
Im grateful to be here and do this.

Thursday, May 30, 2013

E + E sneak peek.

A sweet and simple Monday wedding....
a little sneak peek while you wait.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

5 and a half

No its not an anniversary shoot for these two...
Theres a precious baby almost ready to show their face.


If you think these two normally glow on anniversaries well the excitement of having a mini them, its pretty contagious. They are so excited for this baby, there is no denying the love that's between all three of them.

And Im excited to see them more often, and get to make images like these. They make my heart so full.

Congrats Corey + Melissa, life is about to be over the top sweet.
Thankful that you trust me to capture these for you.