Saturday, November 17, 2012

cozy sweater party

I have a plea to clients with this shoot.
A plea to let me in there homes. To not always seek out locations.
Although I adore tromping around in fields of weeds with you, so very much.
I adore glowy sunset light, and I will never deny you the privlege of such. Its a joy.

However, shooting a session like this, makes my heart sing.
So very much.
For some of you, taking photos are for Christmas-time only.
Snap the holiday photo that we mail to hundred folks, and say.. See we are still alive.
And thats ok, Im happy to capture that.
But I want to give you more.
This is a new kind of challenge.
A challenge at capturing life, just as it is. Sweaters with basketball shorts, sort of life.
Don't miss out on it.
Plan it ... soon.

This is a sweet family who I have had the privilege to get to know.
A woman who I seriously have met and decided, wether she liked it or not, that she was my friend.
Kids that have big eyes and bigger hearts.
A husband who has a pulse for Jesus and we are privileged to have him teach us, stretch us.

I snuck in this early Saturday morning
and watched wrestle-mania on there living room floor,
listened to the piano play away
cuddles on the couch, and played a little Legos.

It was perfect.


Monday, November 12, 2012

a whole lot of one.

this sweet mr. is one. already.
where did the year go?
he walks. he smiles.
he is a delight.

The true delight is seeing is mom and dad adore him. So sweetly.

I really love peeking in on this family how they let me walk into life just as it is, and capture that.
Its a treat.

Happy One AJ boy.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

glow + love

I have been MIA on here still shooting, but keeping some private per client request and doing some corporate work, just needing to catch up posting. Our family has also tackled a whole new adventure that we are excited and passionate about, I'll share soon.

Tonight though I snuck away with one of my dearest friends, a friend who gives so very much of who she is to the people around her, to her family, to friends. She is a giver. Her heart beats to be doing as the Lord calls for her. So grateful for this fellow photographer friend, to capture what her family looks like through others eyes. Radiant.

She loves her family fiercely and it shows.

There was glow. There was love. It makes my heart soar.