Tuesday, June 28, 2011

another giveaway + your way to help Eli

We are doing another giveaway around here... but one with heart... a big big heart.

We have a dear family staying with us that is here to adopt a sweet baby boy.
One with eyes the size of Alaska, big beautiful eyes, a little boy named Elijah.

He has down syndrome, and has had a hard first month of his little life. Medically.

Meanwhile the Lord has orchestrated a beautiful symphony, and he cordinates the perfect family to love Elijah, to call him theirs. And so across this great big country on about 24 hours notice, this family boarded a plane and came and claimed him as their own.

And the expense of that, is bare, and raw.. and very real.. and so I ask that if you go to the website http://www.thecoffeesfamilyblog.blogspot.com/ and donate via paypal any amount that you feel led, and write my name in the comments, I will enter you for a free family photoshoot in the Southern California area.

It will include a 2 hour photoshoot, in Orange or Riverside County, + $100 print credit towards reprints.

The drawing will conclude towards the end of the week.

This baby we are praying will leave the hospital soon, very soon, but they cannot go home until the funds are met. Lets be the hands and feet of Jesus, and move mountains in there lives.And meanwhile, I cannot wait to meet the family who gave.

*** thank you to those of you who have given already, tears in my eyes as I think of all of you who have followed Gods prompting... *****