Friday, August 04, 2006

Pete & Andrea

This couple literally makes me smile. After being togethor for a LONG time.. they are tying the knot in early September, and you can tell they are just totally in love... Thanks Leahy's for referring them.

We hung out in Hollywood... at a new favorite location, took a bunch of fun shots... and then Nick & I ended up hanging out with there young adult group for a volleyball tournament, had so much fun..... One of the best parts of my job, is hanging out with FUN people!

But here they are ... in love. Can't wait to shoot your wedding, 4 more weeks to go..

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Claire said...

Hi Leslie,

Your off-angle framing is exquisite -- interesting and fun, and balances your subjects with the background/foreground perfectly (but in a way that's very intriguing to the eye). Bravo! This sweet couple should have a lot of fun with their photos. :)