Monday, August 21, 2006

Three is a Crowd...

except for when they are tiny and lovely, and still sleeping! :)

I love shooting triplets, and thanks to Orange County Mom's of Multiples, I have been getting to know some of you, and looking forward to shooting more multiples, I love it. Whole different dynamic, and its truly a treat!

Well here is the Balk triplets all tiny and fresh and new... a beautiful family, I trully almost teared shooting the ones of the whole family, the love in that room was heavy duty thick and lets face it, Im weepy as it is...

2 baby boys, and the very protected little princess.

Enjoy this special time!

wow got to stop.. cause If I keep showing this won't be much of a preview, it will be the whole kit & caboodle! :) but so many, so so many!

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