Saturday, November 17, 2012

cozy sweater party

I have a plea to clients with this shoot.
A plea to let me in there homes. To not always seek out locations.
Although I adore tromping around in fields of weeds with you, so very much.
I adore glowy sunset light, and I will never deny you the privlege of such. Its a joy.

However, shooting a session like this, makes my heart sing.
So very much.
For some of you, taking photos are for Christmas-time only.
Snap the holiday photo that we mail to hundred folks, and say.. See we are still alive.
And thats ok, Im happy to capture that.
But I want to give you more.
This is a new kind of challenge.
A challenge at capturing life, just as it is. Sweaters with basketball shorts, sort of life.
Don't miss out on it.
Plan it ... soon.

This is a sweet family who I have had the privilege to get to know.
A woman who I seriously have met and decided, wether she liked it or not, that she was my friend.
Kids that have big eyes and bigger hearts.
A husband who has a pulse for Jesus and we are privileged to have him teach us, stretch us.

I snuck in this early Saturday morning
and watched wrestle-mania on there living room floor,
listened to the piano play away
cuddles on the couch, and played a little Legos.

It was perfect.



Mrs. Ives said...

I just can't stop looking at them. You make everything look special and lovely and new again.

Skeller said...

[totally happy sigh]. these are so very lovely, Leslie. full of life, in-the-moment, ever-so-real.

steve.brasington said...

You captured it. And they have that it! StevieB

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