Friday, June 26, 2015

family of four : The Heddons { irvine, ca newborn photography }

this family is one of my most frequent families to shoot
and I love it
I love what a priority they have put on memory keeping
and I love how authentic they keep it
and guess what they welcomed baby #2

I secretly hope they have 10 more so I can do this again and again
because they make family life look lovely
and I just like being with them all.
Corey is a super attentive dad and husband
and Melissa is so tuned in to her kids. Her heart is big.

I get a little teary editing these because I know
these sweet first days of tending to two hearts and bodies.
The honor it is.
 As you can see big brother is feeling pretty proud
unless brother cries and then he is oh so concerned
and as a mama to two close in ages little ones, I love this and remember it well.

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Karen Murray said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful family. Love and miss you guys. Love, Karyn