Friday, December 09, 2011

brand new little love

this is the Carr family

with their newest little love
he has big beautiful eyes
and gorgeous hair
and these two parents are so laid back
and happy and in love, its pretty much a total dwish come true.
The only wish would be... maybe more sleep.


Fairlightday said...

Oh my. If this post doesn't stir the baby desire, I don't know what would! He's adorable!

Jessica Carr said...

Thank you Leslie! These look great! And not sure if the photo shoot tuckered him out but we had a really good night last night too :)


Skeller said...

he could not be any more precious. and he's clearly already completely adored by mom & dad. Leslie, these are just such lovely images!

Melissa Lew Heddon said...

Wow, these are beautiful and so precious! Andrew, Jess, and AJ are so photogenic. I love the pic on the trunk!