Friday, November 25, 2011

no whine at the vineyard

This shoot today was a treat.
Kids that were just full of joy.
Seriously not one second of whinning.
Just giggles, and full blown glee.
It made my job so fun.
I have no doubt that its because these two parents pour so much love into each of them.
I could just see it.

Well and the setting, well it was pretty much as dreamy as it gets.
The light was literally bouncing off the leaves of this vineyard.

Photographing families
Totally fills me, and shows me how awesome our heavenly father is.
And look how much we love our children... I can only imagine his love for us.
This is a good good job to have.

I hope your starting off this holiday season, with simple sweet moments.

Some people will say I overshoot sessions.
Or as this dear friend said. Man you fire a lot of frames.
Its moments like this... it pays off..... in abundance.


Skeller said...

you can overshoot to your heart's content if it means you capture such beautiful happiness!

Chelle said...

ohhhh they are too sweet for words!
lovely, lovely family and shoot! xo