Monday, October 03, 2011

pie + Kellers = good day.

This shoot was a dear one.
One of a very very good friend of mine.
She herself is an amazingly gifted photographer.
One who loves road trips, and books, and exploring and being a family.

Lucky to have met them back at the church Nick and I attended when we first married and to get to know them.

Susan is on that list... you girls know what I mean, the list of women in your life, whose mom wisdom you trust, whose spritutal wisdom you trust,  who tell you drama free, truth, who don't mince words or flatter you, they love you with truth. Straight truth. Im lucky to know her.. and lucky to go spend a day with her family.. where my 4 year old may have asked her teenager out on a polly pocket sort of date.... sorry C man.... its hard being loved. So very hard.

And the P's here.. love you all.... thank you for all the ways you love our family.

First up.. of course is Susan. Shes stunning. Inside and out.

we spent a little daytrip in the sweet town of Julian.... apple country if you will, which of course means pie... really really good pie.
 then it was off to combine her and her hubbys 3 loves... their boys + books + pretty outdoor spaces

first up.. the boys + each of their favorite reads.

a good good day.. even if we drove in circles a wee bit.


Chelle said...

Wow. Wow. Wow.
Stunning shoot.

And Susan is such a good, good friend. I am so thankful to know that she's close by and always has your very best, at heart. Who doesn't love a drama free, honest to goodness, say it like it is, tried and true friend...

Skeller said...

awwwwwwww. happy happy sigh. I do so love my dudes. And only you, Leslie, could have captured them quite like this. THANK YOU! despite the epic-comic element of Nick and I being directionally-challenged (oy!), it was ever so delightful to spend the afternoon/evening with you all! We should make a pie date every year - tell Rylan to bring the Polly Pockets with her next time ;-).

and thank you for your incredibly sweet words. you know I feel the exact same way about you!

Andi Mae said...

I don't know how I missed this...such a sweet shoot! I especially love all the book shots.

And I second what Chelle said- so so thankful for Susan + what an amazing friend she is to you! I am grateful that she lives nearby + can help you in such tangible ways when we can't!