Sunday, October 17, 2010

a sweet family of four

last night I got to sneak off
and do a holiday shot for this sweet family
they love each other {a lot}
no doubt about it.

this dad loves photos
and I felt priviledged to be the one
to capture some with him in them
wanna peek...?

do you like this setup
a tree outdoors, in the glowing hilly light...
I did.
So I plan on offering some mini sessions
Nov. 7th.
More details soon to come...


Skeller said...

cute family, cute tree in sunny canyon hills, gorgeous light, and oh-my the skies!! (so nice of them to cooperate, also). do you know we saw NO SUN the last four days here?!?

Christy said...

I LOVE it! OK I sent you my information so you could contact me to possibly do our family photos for Christmas. Plus after reading each others blogs for sometime its a good excuse to finally meet. :)