Tuesday, July 22, 2008

fun families

make me smile!!! This one was part of a bigger group but since Stacie said the magic words, we want something funky.. I got to play with them. There kids adored each other and there parents, which was awesome to see, and dad for sure was happy around his wife... I had a blast with them.

I so hope we get to play again some other time. Thanks for thinking of me...your big group is soon to come too.. :)


Sara Baker said...

Hey Leslie!

These all look soooo great! I was wondering if you had an idea of when some of the photos of me and my crew would be up for us to fawn over like these?

These few little sneak peeks just got me so excited about seeing ours! Not only are you fun to work with, your pictures turn out great too! :-p

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing back from you!


Leslie said...

soon Sara... hopefully tomorrow.. :) Ive done all the kiddos individuals!!

Todd Baker said...

Just because you "claim" my son said that he hated you doesn't mean you have permission to punish the rest of the family. I thought you were going to post some other pictures (uh-hum!!). :^)

Leslie said...

hey Luke said what he said... :)

long long day yesterday Todd, I so haven't forgotten you guys I promise, as soon as my daughter naps this morning, I will get to it.

3 days post shoot, you guys are getting antsy, its cause you all know your so dang looking.. right! :)

BTW.. I adored your kiddos.

Coral said...

I'm going to whine and be ancy like everyone else in this crazy family. Jor & I wana see our pictures tooooo. NOW! Jk<3 take ur time. And if u ever need a baby sitter let me know! My moms preggo too so I see how it is, if ur anything like her I'm sure you could use a spa day or something! It was nice meeting you, so far everyones pictures look soo good!! I like ur style. :-D

Fairlightday said...

L-o-v-e these! You do so amazing. Thanks for sharing them, even though I'm not part of this good looking family. :)