Monday, November 13, 2006

What photos are for.

I am in the middle of editing a milion photos for clients. Is this strong enough to show, I ask myself everytime. Wanting every image to be a good representation of my work.

Is the color good, is it sharp, is it... well my style.

Here is a photo I found on my harddrive...

My Granddad and I in our matching outfits, him in his work outfit, and me well.. I just loved overalls. This was taken about 10 years ago.

He is in the middle of building a home from the ground up. And of course as he always does in photos is looking at everyone else lovingly.

I love this image, I can still feel it, and still stand there... and so glad that this ordinary moment, with poor disposable film was captured.

I don't care about coloring or being washed out, I love it anyways.

Thats what photos are for right....

My granddad went home to be with the Lord back in June, Man I miss him.

Take those images around your own home... no matter what the circumstances, you will love them later!

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chelle said...

That was a beautiful post and the picture, it's just priceless...